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Winter Driving Tips

snow snow
snow snow
Chicago is known for its cold, often snowy winters. Winter 1999-2000 has been fairly mild to date, except for the "snowstorm" of January 19 which buried the city in a mind-boggling four inches of snow.

Winter driving requires patience. Slow down when driving on icy roads, roads slick with fresh snowfall or slush, and down side streets narrowed by snowdrifts. If the car has been sitting for eight hours or more, allow the engine to "warm up" for a minute or two before driving. Four-wheel-drive vehicles have a significant traction advantage, but drivers still need to adjust their speed according to road conditions.

> Weekly winter driving tip for 2/13-2/20, from Handling your SUV in winter weather.

Helpful tips for winter driving, preparing your car for winter weather, and tips for SUV owners are provided at Ice Pack is a coalition of national organizations and Illinois and Indiana state agencies. The weekly tips are reprinted here with credit given to Ice Pack.


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