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Chicago expressways - Perimeter


Route number: I-294

Direction: Starting at the Wisconsin border as I-94, it heads southward to Chicago and "rings" the metro area. Eventually it heads eastward as a part of I-80. The toll portion ends at the intersection with I-94 (Ford Expressway)

Length: 53 miles

Alternate routes: The Tri-State rings the city, and there is no single road that parallels it along the entire trip. On its north-south portion, try Route 83, also known as the Kingery Expressway but not directly connected to the I-80/94 Kingery Expressway (see below). Further north, try Mannheim Road, River Road, and Milwaukee Ave.

Trivia bits: 294 was the first Illinois highway to receive interstate designation. It meets I-94 at both ends.


Route number: I-355

Direction: South from the Eisenhower Extension to I-55

Length: 18 miles

Alternate routes: Route 53.



Direction: East from Joliet to the Indiana state line. Further west, I-80 enters Illinois in the Quad City region.

Length: 163 miles

Alternate routes: 159th St/Southwest Hwy (US-6) and US-30 (Lincoln Hwy)



Route number: I-80/94

Direction: East from the Bishop Ford Expressway and the Tri-State Tollway to the Indiana state line

Length: 3 miles

Alternate routes: Chicago Skyway, US-30, Ridge Rd, US-12 and US-20.


* Exit guides are from Brandon Gorte's site. The links open in a new browser window.

Sources: Chicago Public Library, the Illinois Highways Page, and the Chicago Area Interstates Page.

Note: Length refers to total Illinois length. Direction is specific to the Chicago area.

Expressways are grouped by general direction from the Loop:  
North and Northwest, West, South, Southeast and Southwest,  and Perimeter/Outlying.


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