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News and Updates

  The site is on schedule for its big move to a new home next week. Content is being updated. Please stay tuned! (11/5/00)

  A note from the webmistress, Drivingmiss:

It's been a long time since I've been able to update The Chicagoland Daily Drive. I'm now able to work on it again, just in time for another Chicago winter and the winding down of the Eisenhower construction!

Over the next several weeks, the site will have a new look, new features and updated content. If everything goes according to plan, Chicagoland Daily Drive will soon move to a new host. I recommend using to access the site before and during the transition because that address will travel with me. is a NameZero domain, and as such has the huge adframe at the bottom of the page. To navigate the site without their adframe, click on the link that says "new window" on the main page.

Please join the mailing list if you would like to be notified of more changes as they are made. (10/14/00)

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Last updated November 5, 2000

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