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speeding is a directory of U.S. and foreign speedtraps. Traps are categorized by state and country.

Illinois Speedtraps at (128 printed pages for Illinois) lists known speed traps by location, provides the average ticket fine, type of cars used (marked/unmarked), frequency of operation, and other stats.

Most ticket fines range from $75 to $95, but fines of up to $125 are not uncommon.

Roselle, Naperville, Route 59 and Golf Road host several traps each, according to the frequent postings. Trap submissions are made by site visitors so there is no guarantee of accuracy. The number of postings does not reflect the vigilance of the local PD. There are fewer than five Chicago traps posted - northbound Lake Shore Drive is one - but this doesn't mean that the city is a free speeding zone.

The Illinois page is long, but many of the traps are from 1997. For some reason the 1997 traps are listed twice on the page, which makes the page unbelievably long. Don't kid yourself into thinking that an old trap is still located in the same spot as it was in 1997, or that any place not listed is safe.

This site's existence was controversial among local law enforcement. Some want to keep the traps' locations secret, or deny existence of the traps. I'm not advocating speeding. I'm advocating awareness of the penalties for breaking the law.

The Illinois Tollway posts the Wolf Pack's locations on its Web site. The Wolf Pack is a group of Illinois State troopers who patrol the tollways.

How to beat a speeding ticket, an AltaVista message board hosted by Remarq.. Read it for information, entertainment, or out of curiosity. Try the contributors' methods at your own risk. Of course, after visiting, you won't be speeding at all, right? ;-)

Of course, the best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to obey the speed limit. How about an Obeying the Speed Limit Day in Chicago? We citizens would petition for such a day, even suggesting a date for the event: September 31.

But in the meantime, be careful!

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