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Links O'Mine

Links to expressway-related sites:

Route 66 info, from the Illinois Highways Page.

The Chicago Skyway Exit Guide. Also includes info on Indiana, Ohio, and other Illinois expressways.

Kurumi's Humble House of Roadsdom. Also includes The Signmaker. Make your own highway sign graphics online for free!  Don't you just love free graphics?

Chicago area interstate page and exit guides. A must-visit if you're planning the route to your new job, or an alternate route to your current job.  Also includes directions on how to merge.

Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page. One of the best collections of highway-related and roadfan links on the Web.

The Highways of St. Louis - Harv's newly redesigned site - with Missouri and Illinois highway information, polls, and speed traps.

Commercial and governmental sites:

Illinois Department of Transportation

Illinois Tollway

Chicago Street, Expressway, Bus and Train Maps

Expressway history:

Chicago Public Library

Federal Highway Administration, and the "FHWA by day" searchable database.

Public transportation:

Chicago Transportation Authority


The Transportation Pages, articles and opinion about transportation in Chicago and Indianapolis. Read The Weekly Breakdown, a weekly public transportation ezine written by a CTA user. Provides policy updates and first-hand accounts of rider experiences - good and bad.

Commutes in other cities:

The Atlanta Roadways Digest (TARD).  Although this site is dedicated to bad driving in Atlanta, it could be a good guide to bad driving in Chicago. This site even has pictures of bad driving and bad parking, and a featured 'Tard of the Week. - the descendant of the Highway 17 Jerques page - the ultimate New York City roads site

Other recommended sites:

The Chicago Media Muse - John F. Kuczaj's weekly online column critiquing local Chicago media, especially news coverage. An enjoyable read.

From a fellow Saturn owner, links to custom car sites Mike's House of Saturn and Jeff's

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Click for Chicago, Illinois Forecast

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