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   The Driving Life


Whether or not you drive to work, if you drive in the city at all you must obey traffic laws. This section features some of the realities of driving, including the violations.

Speeding Speed traps, message board

Parking violations Chicago parking fines, parking opinion page

Winter driving tips from Illinois and Indiana state agencies.

Safe driving. The City of Chicago posted safe driving tips on its official Web site. The tips are pretty basic, common-sense advice to old Chicagoans like myself, but if you are unfamiliar with city traffic and safety issues it is a good place to start.

Pay those tolls. From Getting Around: You risk losing your license if repeatedly cruise through toll plazas without paying. Motorists who skip five or more tolls and ignore the $20 and subsequent $50 citations mailed to them may have their drivers licenses suspended, according to a new law effective January 1, 2000.

How well do you know the rules of the road? Test your knowledge with this practice driving exam. It has multiple choice, true/false, and road sign identification quizzes.


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