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Share your Chicago expressway information!

Do you have a favorite Chicago expressway? Do you have a highway related website? What is a normal commute on I-80/94 anyway? Are there supposed to be that many backups out there? What's your favorite station for traffic reporting?

If you'd like to share your road knowledge with me, send me an email. If you'd like to share it with the rest of the world, sign my guestbook. I'm also interested in:

  • Expressway links
  • Chicago links
  • The name of a restaurant that serves a good turkey burger
  • Your opinions about commuting
  • Good alternate routes
  • The driving experience in other cities - Atlanta and Santa Cruz, CA, for example

I might post your link on my links o'mine page!

If you'd like to link to this site, the main URL is I repeated it here just in case you visited through someone else's frames or a shortened URL.


Send comments, questions, and restaurant addresses to: 

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