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"Who's responsible for this?" they screamed.

About me (driving miss)

Twenty thousand miles of driving per year and an interest in Chicago streets and expressways inspired me to create this site. I live in the city and work in the western suburbs. My commutes have ranged from ten blocks to the current 35 miles.

I've lived in Chicago for most of my life. I was raised on the southwest side and moved north to live closer to my job. That was over four jobs ago, and I still like it here. I would not move to a suburb to live closer to my current job. There is no need for such drastic measures to be taken for the sake of employment.

My other interests include the Simpsons, Pete's Wicked Ale, Jim Mateja's column in the Chicago Tribune, and visiting other people's web sites.

A few of my bookmarks (others are listed on my links page): / / Late Show Top Ten Archive / Open Directory Project / Portal of Evil / Netscape  - check out their new beta home pages, if you can /


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