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Chicagoland traffic reports: GCM Congestion Map

Chicago expressways

Expressway information is grouped according to travel direction through the Chicago area from the Loop (downtown), or from the city limits if a route does not originate in the Loop. This provides a general sense of navigation, but it violates the laws of expressway numbering. For example, I-90/94 is designated as an east-west route, but in Chicago it's actually a due south route. Chicagoans usually speak of heading south on the Dan Ryan, not "west".

North and Northwest
  Kennedy Exressway
Edens Expressway
Northwest Tollway

Elgin-O'Hare Expressway
Lake Shore Drive
  Eisenhower Expressway
East-West Tollway
South, Southeast, and Southwest
  Stevenson Expressway
Ryan Expressway

Ford Expressway
Chicago Skyway
Tri-State Tollway
North-South Tollway
Kingery Expressway
Your favorite (or least favorite) road
What's your favorite expressway or highway?
Which one do you hate to drive?


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