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Chicago expressways - West


Route number: Interstate 290

Direction: West from downtown Chicago to western suburbs, and northwest to Schaumburg

Length: 32 miles

Opened: 1954

Original name: Congress Street expressway

Renamed: 1964 to honor President and WWI veteran Eisenhower

The Ike is my most frequently traveled expressway. Click here to learn more about commuting on the Ike.



Route number: I-88

Direction: West from Eisenhower Expressway (Hillside) to Naperville, De Kalb, and Rock Falls

Length: 143 miles

Opened: early 1960's

Alternate routes: Butterfield Road (Route 56) to North Aurora, and IL-30 continuing westward.

Trivia bits:The East West Tollway's route number was changed at least four times. The change to Interstate 88 from an Illinois route number was made to allow a 65 MPH speed limit. A note to those who drive I-88: When was the last time you saw someone driving 65 on 88?

* Exit guides are from Brandon Gorte's site. The links open in a new browser window.

Sources: Chicago Public Library, the Illinois Highways Page, and the Chicago Area Interstates Page.

Note: Length refers to total Illinois length. Direction is specific to the Chicago area.

Expressways are grouped by general direction from the Loop:  
North and Northwest, West, South, Southeast and Southwest,  and Perimeter/Outlying.


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